7 Things We Should Be Aware Of Before Getting In a Relationship.

We all have expectations when it comes to being in a relationship. Wether being the boyfriend or girlfriend, we fail to be realistic. Here are 7 things I believe everyone should be aware before getting in a relationship.

  1. Have you ever thought about how your best friend became your bestie? He/she became your bestie with time by appreciating differences and living with it while being free with each other, that you ended up realizing one day he/she is your bestie. As you and your friend remain besties, you realize the freedom of your relationship with them. However, when it comes to partner relationships, we unconsciously have an idealistic expectation of how our partner should behave or act. Such expectations might comes with a lot of disappointment when they fail to reach ideals.
  2. Getting to know your partner as a friend takes your relationship a very long way. I know, I know…it is easier said than done when there’s so much physical attraction. However building a solid friendship with your partner set a good base for a strong and lasting relationship.
  3. Apart from building a friendship with your potential bae, know their FLAWS and YOURSELF. Knowing their flaws and yourself helps you decide if you are willing to accept their flaws and deal with it in the long run or you are completely unable to handle it in the long run. So it gives you an idea and a choice of what you are running into before setting the ball.
  4. Being prepared for the ‘not-so-perfect’ boyfriend or girlfriend. Nobody on this earth is perfect, not your siblings or friends or parents or acquaintances are. The same way we choose to forgive and move on when our siblings make us mad is they same way we need to forgive your new partner. Having a picture perfect idealistic partner is not a thought you’ll want before getting into a relationship
  5. In my opinion and in many cases, sex- based relationships before getting ‘official’ do not last. Why? I don’t have the answers, but I do know one thing. We are craving for that soul connection with your partner and no matter how we’ll try to fix our sex based relation, it ends up always lacking. Sex should be an additive and not the driving force for your relationship.
  6. Communication. Everybody talks about communication but doesn’t really know how to communicate with their partner. Communication here mean saying things early than building them up for the “perfect time”. There are no such things as the perfect timing, communicating about your fears, doubts, anything that bothers you is very important. A true partner will listen and you should too.
  7. Lastly, keep an open mind with your partner – by ‘knocking his head’ (lol just kidding) the same way you do with your best friend. That way, with time you will realize that your partner is your bf as well.




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